Value Line, Inc.


Value Line, Inc. is an investment research and financial publishing firm. Customers who subscribe to their publications receive a wealth of information to make smart investing choices.

PROBLEM: To acquire new subscribers to this publication: The Value Line Investment Survey® — Small & Mid-Cap.

PROCESS: Everyone wants to be able to discover the next Apple or Amazon. But how do you do that? Well, we all know that all large-cap stocks started out as small-cap, and this publication is perfect for finding these “hidden treasures.” Therefore, I recommended that we show an example of a small or mid-cap stock from the Value Line Investment Survey — Small & Mid-Cap that grew as predicted and is now a large-cap stock. To dramatize this fact, I suggested that we include in the letter visual examples of this stock’s past ranks and data. The client loved the idea, and we moved ahead to make this creative come alive in a cost-effective, three-component package: Outer, two-page letter, two-page order form.

RESULTS: We did more than beat the control: Response rate doubled!

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