Random Hacks of Kindness, Jr.



Random Hacks of Kindness, Jr. (RHoK, Jr.) is a nonprofit that brings computer science to life for kids, with practical exposure to its potential and a chance to use technology to achieve a social good. This hands-on learning takes place at one-day programs (called Hack-a-thons), which match children in grades 4-8 with a local charity and a computer science mentor. Together, they work to create a mobile app that provides a technological solution to a challenge the charity faces.

PROBLEM: Their website required a fresh, new look. It needed to attract more students, mentors, and nonprofits to RHoK, Jr. programs. It also needed to bring in more donations and sponsors.

PROCESS: Step 1– better understand the mission. To learn how everyone benefits, we interviewed the directors and mentors of a Hack-a-thon, as well as some of the kids’ parents. Step 2 – visually tell the story. I looked for materials that showed what a Hack-a-thon is. Step 3 – Check UX. We tested the flow of information for ease of movement throughout the website.

RESULTS: A website that better promotes the nonprofit. It simply and clearly communicates what RHoK, Jr. is all about. It shows how it will benefit all participants. And it provides an easy way to learn about and sign up for upcoming events.

To see the website live go to https://rhokjr.org



What to Expect