21Wilberforce is a nonprofit that empowers people of faith to support persecuted communities of all faiths and globally expand freedom of religion, belief, and conscience.

PROBLEM: Increase donations for the 2019 End-of-Year Fundraising Appeal but with a smaller budget.

PROCESS:¬†As with all projects, it’s starts with an evaluation of previous year’s End-of-Year Appeals. Conclusions were drawn and then implemented into 2019 appeals. This included telling a story and using fundraising tactics like matching gift. Due to the smaller budget we had to cut the number of emails deployed down and develop one new template that was flexible enough to work with various messaging. Below was the effort 3 email that went out in the first week in December. A total of 8 emails were created and deployed throughout the month.

RESULTS: Compared to 2018 we doubled the amount of total donations!