Huh … Tootsie Rolls?

Does candy really make a good thank-you gift?
Thank you’s are a great way of creating brand loyalty…if they are done right. Here are 2 ways to get them to work best for you. READ MORE

What you can learn from my ruined pants

dry flat
Do you know what the above laundry symbol represents?
Most people can’t easily and quickly recognize this laundry icon (or any of the laundry icons), even though they see them all the time. This means the creator(s) missed an important step in developing the symbol. READ MORE

“Oh no! …”

Oh No

… I may miss out”
Visual cues and our emotions work to compel us to take action. Whether we are purchasing lotion at a pharmacy, responding call to action on a website or direct mail piece, similar techniques can be used to elicit a response. READ MORE

A Powerful, New USPS® Direct Marketing Tool

Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery® by the USPS® is an exciting new marketing tool. Now you can boost response on your existing direct mail campaigns – with things such as adding additional offers, information, and links that would ride along with your mailpiece. Best of this new service is free! READ MORE

Wary of Lightbox Ads?

LightboxQ&A on why you shouldn’t be.
Lightboxes may be one of the least favorite user experiences on the web. What are they? Why are they a growing trend? And why am I touting their use? READ MORE

Direct Response in Action

What Happened When I Taught My Nephew 5 Simple Tactics
We all know that direct response isn’t child’s play. It’s hard work. Nevertheless, if you keep just a few things in mind, even a novice can make a difference — and the story of my teenage nephew, Ian, and what he was able to accomplish is a good example.  READ MORE

Lift Your Open Rates: 2 Tips from the Trenches

Email Success Part 2

Spam Filters & Preheaders
I learn a lot from my email work with clients. In Part 2 of my series on mistakes to avoid, I want to alert you to Mistake 3 and Mistake 4, which — when it comes to lifting open rates — you should never, ever ignore! READ MORE

Lift Your Click-Through Rates: 2 Tips from the Trenches

Email success Part 1

Alt Tags; Retina Images in Email
We all know that emails are the “workhorse channel.” But are you working everything available to you to optimize your open and click-through rates? In this Part 1 of a special 2-part series of newsletters I address frequent mistakes and ways to avoid them. READ MORE

How to Stand Out with More Visual Promotions

Pie Chart

Top 3 Reasons for Charts

Charts (pie, bar, and others) are proven attention-winners. Of course, they’re perfect for presentation of data. But, with a little creative flair, you can also employ them to make your most important sales messages pop, online and off. READ MORE

Raise Response with Email + Direct Mail

2 Proven Ways to Team Them Up
When email and direct mail join forces, their combined strengths can really put some POW in your response rates and give your business or nonprofit greater ROI. READ MORE

A Timely Message

countdown clock

Why Use Countdown Clocks?
And When?
Countdown clocks get results in emails and on landing pages. They engage the recipient/viewer and help create a sense of urgency for whatever event or product offer you’re promoting. READ MORE

8 Ways to Make a Great Thank You Deliver

Direct marketers know that FREE, FINAL CHANCE, and ACT NOW are some of the most effective words to get someone to respond to your solicitation. Today, I’d like you to consider the power of a simple THANK YOU. READ MORE

One Minute Critique

By making just six simple tweaks we were able to transform the above card into a more effective and powerful sales tool. READ MORE

Curiosity Opens the Envelope

Using Feel to Get the Envelope Opened
A credit card company recently mailed me this envelope, which looks like a package, due to the label and kraft color. Upon touching it, I felt some padding inside. It certainly piqued my curiosity. Is there something special inside for me? I opened the envelope to find … READ MORE