Connect Better With Your Audience By Keeping It Real

With so much in disarray, what makes you smile these days?

For me, it’s watching celebrities creating do-it-yourself programming from their homes. Gone is that polished look we’re used to — the beautifully done makeup, the shiny hair, the chic wardrobe. Now kids and pets stir about as stars work from their basements or elsewhere in their homes. Don’t they look more like us now — more relatable and real?


What gave me some of my biggest smiles: Seeing Jimmy Fallon’s daughter display her graphic design efforts — just like every other kid’s! And watching Jennifer Garner in her pjs, dog nearby, baking not-so-perfect English muffins for her family.

Being real and relatable should also be reflected in your business and nonprofit communications — emails, social media, blog posts and even direct mail. Show the people behind the business. Share that you are still working, staying safe, even making a difference. If your business is temporarily closed, now is a good time to be involved in your community, with your mask and all, and speak about those efforts online! Working for a bigger company? Take your customers behind the scenes and show how you are taking precautions. Or, in your direct mail pieces, have your CEO looking like the average Joe or Jane as he or she is out helping the community.

And if you are a fundraiser, be honest — tell your donors what’s going on. Many communities that nonprofits serve have been hit hard. So, in your newsletters and appeals, show and write about it the way it really is.

Now for MY “real”! Recently, I received a list of members from my local community center to call and find out if they needed any help in these tough times. This is a “real” photo of me making those calls.

Checking in on my community

Now’s a great time not to show the staged images of your organization. Show your more “real and relatable” side, and your customers and donors just might connect with you even more during this unprecedented time.