[Interview] Branding WordCamp NYC

Meryl was interviewed by Winstina Hughes for 2019 WordCamp blog, regarding the design  process used in developing the branding for WordCamp NYC 2018. You can find the original post here.

Winstina: Last year I was proud to lead a talented team of 18 organizers who sold-out WordCamp NYC (WCNYC) 2018. Organizers put a lot of work into planning a great WordCamp. Meryl Randman, our design lead, was in charge of branding WCNYC 2018, and she shares her story and process flow in this interview. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how our brand identity developed and how last year’s branding has been fluid into 2019.

Winstina: Meryl, one of my first thoughts after my lead organizer application was approved is that I wanted our WordCamp to be memorable. I knew I wanted it to be symbolical and reflect the spirit of NYC. When we first spoke I told you my idea of adapting Fearless Girl. Looking back on it, I think I felt I needed a little fearlessness myself.

Meryl: I remember that. I did show you a rendering of the image but I was afraid that we would have legal issues. We then explored using the image of the iconic Wall Street bull. Which you can see below. Not sure why we moved away from that, maybe copyright? Regardless the logo below would have been very costly to print on t-shirts.
WordCamp NYC logo idea 1
Winstina: I’m not sure I remember why either. We knew for sure we wanted our logo to reflect the magic of NYC. I wanted something different from the NYC skyline.

Yes, so I came up with several directions. One was giving WordCamp more of a “camp” feel.
WordCamp NYC logo idea 2
Winstina: They were fun. I remember smiling when I saw them.

Meryl: My favorite was the idea to adapt the iconic “I Love NY” to “I WordPress NY”.
WordCamp 2018 logo idea 3

Meryl: I believe you asked if we can try a taxi image. So this is what I came up with.

WordCamp NYC 2018 logo idea 4

Winstina: In retrospect, I am deeply appreciative that you were so invested in creating a brand for us. Not just a logo. At the same time you were developing these ideas Bud Kraus, Avis Boone and I were narrowing down our venue choices to what felt right — Convene in Time Square.

Meryl: Yes, and you encouraged me to come up with a logo that was reflective of where the conference would be held. This made sense. There is a magic to Times Square – the lights, the crowds and taxis. I presented the logo to our team that we all now know. Inspired by the lights of Broadway and a street sign.

WordCamp NYC logo 2018 idea 5

Winstina: Know and love! … Meryl you are the first designer I’ve worked with and you will be a very tough act to follow!