Plymouth Rock


Plymouth Rock Assurance is a local insurance company that offers a range of  options in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

PROBLEM: To acquire new auto insurance subscribers, using a direct mail.

PROCESS: After reviewing past creative and learning about the audience we decided to take the tried and true  approach — a business-looking creative that emphasized savings and discounts. Still we needed to find a hook that separated Plymouth Rock from the the other well-known nationwide auto insurance companies. To do this we emphasized the fact that Plymouth Rock is local company with personalized service. But what made this really strong is the great data we incorporated — a half of million local drivers have switched—and combined it with a feeling of wanting to belong to this group. This is the sentence (pulled from the direct mail piece):

“…Don’t miss out! More than half a million Pennsylvania and New Jersey drivers have switched to Plymouth Rock Assurance, the regional car insurer that’s growing fast in your area, and the customer reviews are outstanding…”

RESULTS: I’m excited to say this piece performed very well — it outperformed the control!

Direct Mail

Plymouth Rock Direct Mail