Meryl Randman

Art Director, Graphic Designer

Corporate marketing departments are sometimes understaffed and overworked. Meryl likes to say that she founded her agency so it could be “the missing creative services team member for those departments” – as well as a pair of fresh eyes for marketers looking to find new solutions to meet specific goals.

What sets Meryl apart? She’s more than a creative director. She gets it that marketers need to show tangible results, whether the project is a mail piece, an email, or marketing collateral. So she uses her strong direct response background to suggest proven response-pulling tactics, for greater ROI. Before starting her agency, Meryl spent several years in the trenches at Time Inc., when its bustling in-house ad agency provided direct response creative services for some of the country’s most iconic brands. She draws from that rich experience and constantly builds on it with active membership in professional organizations. Her results-oriented approach, as well as her ability to understand each client’s pain point and resolve issues, has been rewarded with long-lasting relationships. Today, Meryl’s agency continues to service corporate marketing departments, but it has expanded to include nonprofits and medium-size businesses nationwide.

What never changes: Emphasis on results and reliable customer service.The agency is small. So whether Meryl is personally handling the project or she has delegated it to her trusted network of specialists, you can be sure that Meryl will direct the action and keep you informed at each stage. She saves you time by picking the best team for each project, offering an impressive range of talent that includes writers, photographers, web developers, printers and other vendors. Every detail is considered and cost-effective options rule the day. You can rest easier.

Meryl’s team includes all senior-level professionals. They’ve worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to mid-size firms to nonprofits.



From brainstorming concepts with Meryl to writing strong, error-free copy, Carmela keeps one aim in mind: to help get the client great results.


Email Developer

Ray codes your emails to work flawlessly on all devices. He has coded more emails for big and small name companies worldwide than he can remember.


Web Developer

From coding CSS/HTML web pages to setting up databases to getting the impossible to work on the web, David continuously wows clients with his skills.